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Cooling System Service

All internal combustion engines waste over 75% of their energy in the production of heat that needs to be removed from the engine while it is operating. To accomplish this, all cars have a cooling system consisting of a pump, radiator, a thermostat, and hoses to route coolant from the hot engine. This is cooled by the air passing thru the radiator and returned to the engine to start the process again.  If this system fails due to a leak or lack of flow, the vehicle could overheat, damaging other engine components. A complete inspection of this system periodically is essential to prevent costly failure items while you are on the road.

This system is so important, our staff does a visual inspection of every vehicle that comes into our shop for any tell tale signs of impending problems and will relay anything seen to our service advisers. They in turn will advise you of what is needed to prevent any issues in the future.