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Brake System Service

A car that doesn’t start is one thing, but a car that doesn’t stop is something entirely different!  At Mission Hill Automotive, our skilled and certified technicians will inspect your brake system, measure all the ‘hard” parts like rotors and drums to see if they car be resurfaced to save you money. We employ an on-car brake resurfacing system to match your rotors to your car for a smooth brake operation and long brake life.

We inspect the fluid condition by checking the copper content and overall appearance.  Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water, and needs to be flushed periodically. All our brake inspections include a fluid evaluation.  Keeping good brake fluid in the car increases the life of all the expensive hydraulic parts and prevents premature boiling of the fluid, which can cause brake pedal loss.

All parts that we use meet or exceed original manufacturer’s specifications, and are covered by our 2 year, 224,000-mile nationwide warranty that is honored at more than 15,000 NAPA auto care centers.